about us

ROI.works Search Marketing makes it easy for corporations and their advertising agencies to get a steady stream of new customers. We take all the complexity and heavy lifting out of advertising on the major search engines, letting you focus on running your business. We play nice with internal teams and ad agencies, since our services and solutions complement their knowledge and skill set.

What We Do:

We conduct competitive analysis, keyword research and generation, account set up, search plan development, bid management, tracking, and analysis of search marketing campaigns. We also provide outsourced website analytics services, custom on-site training for Marketing, IT, and Finance departments, as well as search strategy sessions for C-Level Executives and company Boards.

We write and test ad copy, come up with thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of keywords to bid on, advertise your business on top search engines, manage the daily and hourly bid process for top positions, run reports, and provide analysis. We also coach our clients on landing page and site optimization, conversion improvement, and multivariate testing.

Sometimes, advertisers and other interactive agencies call us in to "fix" a search campaign that is not performing, and we often do this discreetly, behind the scenes. If you or your firm need these types of services, please rest assured your inquiry to us will be strictly confidential.

Use Your Time More Profitably:

Putting together a good search marketing team can be a daunting challenge. There are over 10,000 enterprise establishments in the US that need help with search marketing, and only a few hundred truly experienced SEO/SEM strategists. Many have tactical skills but don't cover the complete spectrum of this complex field. As the demand for talented people increases and salaries keep growing, the supply of real search experts shows no sign of catching up.

This discrepancy has caused salaries and demand for search expertise to balloon, and the supply of real search experts shows no sign of catching up. In addition, as the complexity of search marketing has increased, most of these folks have 1 or 2 areas of specialization, so not all experts (even if they are hired in-house) are appropriate for all projects/organizations.

We can help you develop your team's search marketing expertise if you prefer to take these functions in-house. Or, you can take advantage of our flexible, a la carte menu of managed services. Doing so allows you to spend your time and resources running your business - not managing hundreds of simultaneous online auctions, looking at bid gaps, and fighting with APIs.