Coit Services
21,000+ Leads Generated
Average Cost Per Lead Reduced by 45%


COIT is one of the largest specialty-cleaning & restoration companies in the world with franchises in the United States, Canada and Thailand. COIT's experienced team of corporate and franchise business leaders are passionate about earning the trust of its home, business and insurance industry customers by providing a continually expanding list of value-driven cleaning and restoration services. COIT faced the challenge of having great services and offerings, but not enough traffic to supply their franchisees with many leads.


The goal was to increase leads and quotes sent through their website.


For COIT we decided on these tactics: Services: Paid Search (for 20 franchisees, including 6 corporate owned ones), SEO, Conversion Optimization, Usability, Analytics, MyNextCustomer.


PPC Results: Since we started working on PPC campaign, their cost per lead has gone by 30-50% for most Franchisees, while volume has increased.

Coit Services recently hired to work together with their online ad agency on a major SEO initiative.