conversion marketing

Is your website converting your visitors into customers to its maximum potential? Improving conversion is perhaps THE most profitable thing you can do from a marketing standpoint. provides valuable information for increasing conversion rates by testing changes in copy, layout, and overall usability, so that your site converts well. Our experience with hundreds of clients over the years has given us valuable insight into conversion best practices.

Moreover, our staff can not only recommend specific changes, but we also have teams that can create both the content and design for landing pages - or entire websites.

Why is Conversion So Important?
Mathematically, it’s a very simple concept. Let’s say you spend $100,000.00/month on various types of marketing initiatives driving traffic to your site. And let’s say 1000 customers a month convert, with each customer worth $150.00 on average. So you are generating $150,000.00/mo in revenue, and your ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) is very good.

The next month your boss congratulates you, but tells you he wants more profit and revenue. That means you have 2 choices. (Only one, actually, but we’ll get to that.)

You can either spend more money by increasing your marketing budget, or your can improve your Conversion Rate thereby making both more money AND more profit.

Let’s say you decide to double your marketing and start successfully selling 2000 customers/month. Now you’re spending $200,000/month, and getting $300,000 in revenue. Congratulations! You’ve just doubled your revenue. But your Return on Ad Spend and profitability stay the same.

Conversely, let’s say you instead opt to improve conversion. So you keep spending your original $100,000 / mo. But your Conversion Consultant will wring more efficiency out of your marketing budget, bringing the total number of monthly sales (form the same number of site visitors) up to 2000. So your revenue in this case is the same as in the previous one. But your marketing budget is twice as efficient, and you are twice as profitable.

So What Does a Conversion Expert Do, Exactly?
Conversion experts try to make hypotheses about what elements on your home page, services page, shopping cart, or checkout page contribute most to lead generation or sales on the site. They then create a number or variations of the copy, designs, and layouts on that page to test each variation against the others.

For example, should the headline on a family-owned construction website’s home page read “Great Service, Superior Products” or should it say “Over 25 Years of Service”?

The truth is, no marketing, branding, or online expert can tell you definitively which one will get you more inquiries. Oh, they’ll all have opinions. We have them too sometimes. But at the end of the day, we prefer to call our opinions Hypotheses, test them, and keep the winners.

Conversion Studies
We often start our Conversion work with a Conversion Audit. This is a professional assessment of your site by Conversion and Design experts. We go over all the most important elements of your site: load time, layout, calls to action, readability, navigation, click-flow, nomenclature, and information architecture, among others. We then provide you with 10-25 immediately actionable recommendations to increase conversion. Oftentimes, these recommendations are accompanied by wireframes, or alternative layouts for how to do a particular design task.

Landing Page Optimization
Having successful landing pages on your site is essential to converting paid search, email, and affiliate program visitors. An effective landing page will improve your conversion rates and drive more leads/sales to your firm.

Since the web is quickly moving more towards personalization and targeted experiences, understanding how to effectively couple content and creative with technology to provide relevance is the key to having a site that produces results.

Depending on the amount of variables needed to be tested, ROI Works will use either A/B Testing or Multi-Variate testing to understand how changes in design and content can greatly affect conversion rates on your landing page. Our staff has experience with many testing platforms and can quickly provide testing that will yield higher conversion rates on your site.

A/B Testing
Once the most obvious problems are solved, we often try to test various propositions against each other. Is a picture of a woman more effective than that of a baby in selling the product? Ifs this headline more effective than another? Should we use a red or an orange call to action button?

This type of Conversion testing is ideal for smaller sites, or as an intermediate stage for large sites.

Multivariate Testing
Multivariate testing works just like A/B testing. Except you’re throwing the picture of the woman and child, the 2 headlines, the 3 call to action buttons, and the different home page layouts all in a pot and showing visitors every possible combination of these factors.

This type of testing is best for sites with somewhat more significant audiences. It also tends to bring back surprising results.

So that’s conversion improvement in a nutshell. Contact us at 415-885-7674 to discuss your specific needs.