We originally founded ROI.works Search Marketing in 2000 as a boutique full service marketing agency with a predilection for interactive media.

Our clients included both large and small businesses such as St. Mary's College, Bentley Motors Corp, Tsar Nicoulai Caviar, The Keiretsu Forum, Northern California Grantmakers, and many others.

Since our inception coincided with the economic downturn of 2000, we had to be acutely aware of the need for advertising dollars to get measurable results. Our customers all wanted to spend less, and had little patience for advertising that looked good, but did not sell.

So we started to measure each and every campaign we created for our clients: direct mail, yellow pages, radio, outdoor, email, cable - you name it. And we began to see pay per click search marketing deliver the highest return on investment out of all these media.

This type of marketing was complementary to the search engine optimization (SEO) our founder George Revutsky had been practicing since 1996. However, it had some important differences: instant results, the ability to quickly start and stop campaigns, do seasonal promotions, and test new products and services quickly.

As our clients demanded more and more of this type of advertising, we decided to focus exclusively on SEM, SEO, usability, conversion optimization, and analytics. We also set about creating software, tools, and processes that would allow us to simplify our work together.

As PPC advertising and search engine optimization have grown in popularity (and cost) we've continued to invest in employee training, the latest PPC management technology, and deep campaign analysis to deliver exceptional ROI. These investments allow us to deliver results far superior to in-house programs.