web analytics consulting

Visitors are nice. Customers are great. Repeat Customers are golden.

ROI.works' analytics services boil down to helping our clients discover, analyze, and act on web analytics. We pride ourselves on providing objective, credible advice that is software agnostic. Our analytics consulting leads directly, and measurably, to better ads, stronger marketing initiatives, higher conversions, and more user engagement.

Our process starts by working with clients to understand what the goals each page of a website should accomplish - what actions you want users to take. We then work with clients to develop KPI's, as well as a framework for regularly reviewing those KPI's. Our goal is to provide clients with actionable analytics, not more data.

A typical engagement might include helping clients with tool selection,  setting internal expectations,  developing KPIs, managing the tool's rollout, providing monthly analysis, and conducting periodic staff trainings.

Our team is very familiar with a number of web analytics solutions from WebTrends, Omniture, Unica, Websidestory, and Google. However, we are not tied to a single analytics software package and its capabilities.