PPC services

Search Engine Marketing, also known as Pay Per Click advertising, allows advertisers to sponsor the search results when a search for a particular phrase is made. Since the searcher is already looking for what you have to offer, sponsored search delivers the lowest cost per lead of any medium. 


Sponsored search is the fastest-growing form of advertising. The advantages of this type of advertising include:

Pay for results.
You only get billed by the search engines when prospects already searching for your services click on your ad or call your business.

Huge Reach
We are proud to work with the leading search engines. These partnerships allow our clients to reach over 98% of all Internet users with our campaigns.

Free, Measurable Branding
Unless a searcher clicks on your ad, displaying it on the world's most popular websites is free. The best analogy would be if Budweiser took out an ad during the Super Bowl, but only paid a little bit each time a 6-pack was sold. Advertisers who understand this principle can dramatically increase their exposure, brand recognition, and recall.  

No long-term commitments. 
You can  tell us to pause your search campaigns any time. Unlike TV, Radio, Print, or the Yellow Pages, and the search engines don't lock you into long-term contracts. We can pause, stop, or re-start your campaign within 1 business day of getting your request.

Set your budget – change it any time.
Need to shift resources and advertise a different service? We'll help you measure how your campaigns are going, what kind of return on investment you're getting., then increase or decrease your budget accordingly.

Clear Reporting
We use proprietary technology to provide you with detailed reporting showing the number of website visits, and lead information including:    

  • Phone calls (date, time, length of call)
  • Email (date, time, email address)
  • Web forms submitted
  • Online sales generated