User Testing

In order to gather valuable insight regarding user behavior on your site, we directly recruit candidates for UX interviews.  Our network is vast, and more often than not we are able to quickly identify candidates for UX interviews.

The Protocol

Prior to an interview, we carefully create an interview protocol which consist of tasks that we want users to accomplish.  Each task in a protocol represents micro or macro goals that users should be able to execute with ease on your site.  Also included within the protocol is a 10 second test in which users are asked to explain what any given site is about after 10 seconds of browsing.  It’s amazing how many people fail to accurately grasp the purpose of most sites we test.

Our Interviewing Methodology

UX interviews are conducted in a one-on-one manner in a private room in our San Francisco office.  We sit candidates down and run them through the UX protocol.  We try to be as objective as possible when asking candidates to execute tasks.  During the interview we record their facial expressions and also the screen combined with audio from the interview exchange.  A lot of insight can be derived directly from the interview, but we usually uncover additional insight from reviewing recordings, studying facial expressions, analyzing mouse movements, interactions and other recorded user behaviors that were not immediately obvious during the interview process.

Acting On Insight

In most cases we are overwhelmed by the amount of insight that 3 – 6 interviews can provide regarding your product or service.  We then take this insight and translate it into hypotheses, wireframes, and even full-functional web solutions which we can A/B test.  Our in-house design team can execute every step of the process.

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