Social Ads

Our team has extensive experience with both B2C and B2B Facebook advertising, as well as other emerging channels such as Twitter and Pinterest. The social networks we manage include:

  • Facebook advertising
  • Twitter advertising
  • LinkedIn advertising
  • Pinterest marketing and advertising
  • Instagram marketing and advertising

Creative is King

Success on many of these channels, especially Facebook, depends heavily on frequent ad optimization. So we often launch between 100-300 new creative units per week for some of our eCommerce clients.

Testing, Testing, Testing

We believe in continuous, data-driven testing and optimization of campaigns based on image, ad copy, audience, and device parameters. So our answer to many questions is often “let’s test it,” especially given how inexpensive testing things on Facebook can be.

Leveraging Technology

To deal with the massive amount of useful data these platforms can throw off, as well as the need to update creative continuously, we often partner with some of the top software platforms. For some larger advertisers, this helps automate repetitive tasks and scale the channel. Meanwhile, the humans working on your account can focus on things like audience testing, creative strategy, and researching new ad types.

Strategies May Vary

Some direct response clients find that a direct-to-site acquisition strategy works best. Others find that staying in a platform’s walled garden makes for a much higher ROI. Some brand marketers may focus on fan page acquisition. Conversely, others use social ads to build their list, and monetize those users later via email. Rest assured that we’ll put together the best strategy for your company, product, app, or brand. And then we’ll test it.

We Like In House Teams

Many advertisers believe there’s a tradeoff between outsourcing Paid Social programs and keeping everything in house. However, we are very comfortable working in tandem with in-house Growth, Acquisition, and Social Media teams. In fact, we’ve found this to be a good way to make sure we’re providing users with a seamless, on-brand experience.

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