We believe the one true purpose of all design is to solve a specific problem. Even though we like to make our work attractive, the visual layer is always in the service of the user experience. Here’s a bit more about our design process:

What’s the Problem?

Design isn’t just a pretty picture. Design is function. Whenever we are tasked with a new design project, we always zoom out and ask ourselves what it is we’re trying to solve; what goals are we going to accomplish.

User Research: Get Out of the Building

We don’t design in a silo. We like to talk to real humans. User research is a core part of our process, otherwise we might head off in the wrong direction. That is why we always recruit people for UX research prior to starting on design.

Wireframes Required

From a process perspective, we like to take extra time wireframing and iterating on wireframes before putting the proverbial pen to paper. A lot of user experience problems can and should be thought through before a single pixel hits your screen.

Copy is Design

Compelling copy is quite often neglected in the design process. Even worse, some designers “pour in” copy after all design is complete. Conversely, we find copy and design to be a single indivisible whole. So during the design process, we don’t create a design and then fill in the copy based on the visual treatment. Instead we establish our messaging up front, then create visual treatments that strengthen and support the message.

We carefully craft headlines, bullets and other short copy to emphasize the value and uniqueness of any product or service while reducing confusion. Then, once our copy is out in the wild, we test alternate messages in an iterative process aimed at maximizing conversions.

Solutions Have No Ego

We try not to get too emotionally attached to a particular design. The superiority or inferiority of a particular design can be measured objectively using analytics and A/B testing. If we create a beautiful design that performs poorly compared to the challenger, we’ll be the first to let you know.

Design Responsively

Everything we create will look and work beautifully on any device ‘” tablet, mobile, laptop, or desktop. We believe this to be both a practical and ethical approach to design and accessibility.

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