Are Promo Codes Killing Your Sales?

Is your website or app teasing your users with a promise you cannot keep? Learn three smart ways to implement Promo Codes & boost your sales. Including a coupon code box on your checkout page may seem like a good idea, but in… Read more »

Styling A/B Tests in Optimizely With CSS

When running A/B tests within Optimizely, I often need to apply a bit of CSS to my experiment variation. There are several ways to accomplish this within the Optimizely editor. One method is to use the visual editor to click on different elements… Read more »

Image Compression Techniques for a Faster Page Load

People want websites to load fast, whether they realize it or not.  Said a different way, when a user notices a delay in load time, they experience a kind of cognitive dissonance that can cause them to bounce.  As consumers of content, users expect things to… Read more »

Faster Collapsible Menu for Mobile

I have noticed that there is a half second or so delay between when you touch the .navbar-toggle and when the dropdown menu flies out. This short delay might relate to how mobile browsers detect a click(). It seems that binding touchstart() to… Read more »