Each year we choose one or two worthy non-profits and contribute free or steeply discounted services to help them get the word out. Currently, we are supporting Fair Trade USA by running a significant global paid search program and donating 66% of our fees and hours to the cause. Our partnership with Fair Trade is going on 4 years, and we are super-proud of our work together and the impact it has had.

fair-trade-promoFair Trade USA believes in supporting the lives of the hard-working folks at the origin of great products. When a consumer purchases a Fair Trade coffee product, for example, he or she is directly supporting everyone involved in this product’s creation – the farmers, supply chain workers, and also the families of all parties involved, many of whom endure less than ideal living conditions. But that doesn’t mean they cannot achieve a fair wage, which is part of Fair Trade USA’s mission.

Congruently, Fair Trade USA is an organization committed to reducing the environmental impact of consumer goods on the planet. They support farmers by providing fair wages, which reduces the need to engage in agricultural practices that harm the environment. They also empower farmers and farm workers with incentives to practice organic farming, which greatly improves the quality and substance of their products. These policies also promote reforestation, water conservation and environmental education.