George Revutsky, Founder, CEO

George Revutsky, Founder, CEO

George is an online marketing pioneer with particular expertise in search marketing, conversion, usability, and web design. He has been crafting online strategies and campaigns for major corporations since 1996. His client list includes American Capital Strategies (ACAS), Signatures Network/Live Nation (LYV), 3PAR (PAR), Peoplesoft, COIT Cleaners, TRUSTe, Union Bank,, Siemens Medical Systems, Intel, Disney, Intraware, Aspect Software, and Bentley Motors Corp, among others.

Prior to founding in 2000, he was in charge of Client Services, Marketing, and Site Services at Cybergold, Inc. (NASD-CGLD), and was a part of the executive team that took the company through its IPO.

Cybergold was the Internet's first Cost Per Action, results-based advertising company. In 1999 and 2000, with over 7 Million members, Cybergold ranked as one of the top 30 most popular consumer sites on the internet, and one of the 6 most popular shopping sites, according to Nielsen Netratings. Cybergold later merged with MyPoints, and was sold for $160MM to United Corp.

Prior to to Cybergold, George served as Director of Interactive Marketing for Shugart Matson Young, one of the largest independent Bay Area ad agencies at the time. He started there after SMY acquired 1HOT, the search engine optimization (SEO) and web design firm he started in 1996.

George trains and continues to advise a number of advertising agencies and marketing firms on search marketing best practices. He has been featured in a number of business and high-tech publications, including CNET's, the San Francisco Business Times, and the East Bay Business Times. He has been the headline speaker at the Loyalty and Incentives Conference, and spoken at Apple, Betasphere and the Silicon Valley Ad Club.

Karl Newlin, Account Manager/ Paid Search Manager

Karl Newlin, Account Manager/ Paid Search Manager

With more than five years of experience in Online Marketing, I am Google AdWords certified in Search advertising, Display advertising, Reporting and Analytics, and am particularly invested in online strategy.

Originally from Estonia, and raised in California, I have a degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from CSU East Bay. I consider myself a life long student, and find that there are endless opportunities in all things regarding SEO, PPC, and strategic online positioning.

When I'm not thinking about the best way to position online brands, I'm constructing the next great breakfast sandwich combo.

Rick Boardman, Director, Usability

Rick Boardman

Rick received his BEng in Computer Systems Engineering and his PhD from Imperial College London in the field of Human Computer Interaction.

He then worked at Google for 5 years in the User Experience team as the lead User Experience Researcher on  Google Adwords and Google Chrome, both conducting research and managing other researchers. Google is a busy place and he also worked on Google Toolbar, Google Pack, Adwords Editor, Google Adsense, Google Analytics, Accessibility, Google Search, GMail, Maps, Froogle, Mobile, Google Accounts, Google Desktop, and a bunch of stuff which doesn?t exist any more.

Earlier in his career Rick spent 3 years as software engineer at a UBS, a Swiss investment bank, and designed and built his own transputer-based computer at Inmos. Hence he knows his awk from his sed. He continues to keep his hands dirty in the coding trenches, and takes pride in being a user experience researcher who understands engineering speak.

His recent client experience includes ongoing UX, Usability, and Conversion work for Slideshare, MyNextCustomer, Socialtext, Hearsay, Project Slice, and CBR.  In his free tiome, Rick is also a UX Advisor at the 500 Startups. 

Daniel Gonzalez, Account Manager / Conversion Rate Optimizer

Daniel Gonzalez, Account Manager / Conversion Rate Optimizer

Danny manages client accounts, and geeks out on Conversion Rate Optimizer and SEO. With a Diet Coke in his hand, he can often be found waxing poetic about user acquisition, the freemium model, conversion funnels, viral coefficients, and other weird stuff. Honestly, we don't know what he's talking about most of the time, but his clients seem to love the results he gets them.

After a brief venture starting his own business, he discovered his strength lies in optimizing revenue and business growth for clients. Before his graceful swan dive onto our Account Management team, Danny worked on brands such as Zaarly, Julep, Gift Rocket, and KISSmetrics.

When he's not busy generating tons of awesome online traffic, he is breaking it down on the salsa dance floor and enthusiastically writing about himself in third person.

Dustin Kittelson, Engineering Manager, Senior Developer

Dustin Kittelson, Engineering Manager, Senior Developer

Dustin oversees' web and software development projects. He cut his teeth as a software engineer for 4 years at Great Plains, Microsoft and CNET. He then spent a stint as a freelance software developer for several Bay Area companies and joined in 2007. On his second day at the company, Dustin appropriated a large second monitor which he steadfastly refuses to return to its owner to this day. He has an Office Ninja guarding his desk.

Chelsea Hamilton, Marketing Coordinator

Chelsea Hamilton, Marketing Coordinator

A little ball of sunshine straight from the desert oasis of Arizona, Chelsea is the resident office Marketing Assistant. She's exceptionally efficient at jumping on whatever project needs her help.

She was was un-classically trained at Miami Ad School San Francisco, and is always eager to work on the next big headline, meta tag description, or banner ad that need her attention. She's passionate about the power of great copy, intellectual advertising, and the appropriate use of the Oxford comma.

When she's not busy writing copy or managing projects, Chelsea can usually be found drinking endless cups of coffee while drafting her first dramedy "It's Never Sunny in San Francisco."

Chi Woo, Online Marketing Consultant

Chi Woo, Marketing Coordinator

I've been a sales management professional for more than 10 years. A lot of my prior experience was within the retail and luxury product environments for companies such as Lexus. I've even had some retail experience as a Sales Manager for Verizon. I like to build a more team-centric environment and emphasize continual training in sales techniques to reach both personal and company goals.

Beyond getting my clients results, I'm a firm believer in cultivating solid bonds with clients by actively listening to their requirements to appropriate solutions to meet those needs to create profitable opportunities all across the board.

Gary Ebisuzaki, Senior Web Designer

Gary Ebisuzaki, Senior Web Designer

Gary has over ten years' experience in usability, front-end web application development and design. Prior to joining, Gary was a Senior Creative Developer with ChannelNet/The SoftAd Group where he worked on such brands as Volvo, Hunter Douglas, Motorola, Audi, Hallmark, Harman Kardon, Ford and BMW

Previously, he worked at PRC, where he helped develop the Intranet and promotional products to the US Postal Service.

Gary holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration from the University of San Francisco, as well as a Certificate in Computer Programming and Operations.